Building Surveys / Technical Due Diligence (TDD) Surveys

Acquiring or selling commercial, industrial or a mixed-use property can be daunting. It can also carry an element of uncertainty as well as financial risk. It is therefore important that you have undertaken your due diligence before committing to a purchase, sale or lease agreement.

We provide detailed survey services to assist you in making better informed decisions prior to your proposed property transaction.


Depending on the type and purpose of the survey, the survey may be referred to as; Building survey, technical due diligence survey, building condition survey, pre-acquisition survey, as well as vendor survey.


AMC undertake these types of surveys for leaseholders, private investors, property funds, pension funds, developers, companies, as well as public sector bodies.


When considering the acquisition of a freehold purchase, we not only inspect and report on the condition of the internal and external elements of the building, but we also undertake a detailed review of all available information, including but not limited to; planning, construction plans, service installations, compliance with statutory regulations and existing leasehold information etc. By doing so, providing our clients with a better understanding of the building, potential repair liability going forward and allowing for a better-informed decision to be made.


Leasehold Acquisition

When looking to take on a leasehold property on either full repairing and insuring or internal repairing basis, it is important to understand the existing condition, defects, any potential works needed, as well as the what potential repair liability to the landlord exists. By undertaking such due diligence assists our clients in budgeting for operational installations, fit outs as well as on-going maintenance and compliance works, and in some instances provide a basis for negotiation of the landlord terms and rent.


Vendor Surveys:

Prior to selling a building you may be considering a vendor survey. This type of survey not only helps establish if there are any underlying issues with the building and if any works should be undertaken prior to completion but can also assist potential purchasers satisfy any building survey requirement they may and help facilitate a transaction.


On all of the above types of survey, AMC can engage where necessary with specialist sub-consultants, such as mechanical and electrical (M&E) consultants. By doing so, ensuring our clients have a full understanding of their service installations and any associated future maintenance and replacement liability.

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