Dilapidation’s refers to an alleged breach of covenant within a lease agreement, as well as the work which the tenant is required to carry out to remedy the breach.


As a property occupier or owner, dilapidation’s should be considered at the earliest opportunity as it affects leases from the initial agreement, during the term of the tenancy, through to negotiation of building work or agreement of a financial settlement.


Taking advice early on can ensure a suitable strategy is formalized and implemented, to help minimize potential liabilities and achieve the best outcome.


Specialising in dilapidation’s, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with detailed and pragmatic advice. Following a review of the scenario, we present likely outcomes from which we tailor a suitable implementation strategy.



We provide both occupier and owner dilapidation services, so whether you are interested in assessing your potential liability, preparing an exit strategy, have been served with a schedule of dilapidation’s claim or wish to prepare and serve a claim on tenant AMC can help. Contact us for more information and a no obligation discussion regarding your property matter.

Tenant Services

AMC have extensive experience in representing tenants against unwarranted, unreasonable and unsubstantiated dilapidation’s claims, and understand how daunting it can be being served with a schedule of dilapidation’s by your Landlord, or their representative.


We provide tenant representation services, reviewing dilapidation claims being made by the Landlord or their representative, as well as providing negotiation services to help bring these matters to a conclusion ensuring our clients are released from any future liabilities.


We also provide tenant focused dilapidation liability assessments and contract administration services to assist in budgeting, strategy and compliance, to assist with limiting any potential future liability to the Landlord.


Sectors AMC Property provide these services to:​