Capital Allowances

Whether you’re buying, selling, undertaking extensive fit out works or developing commercial property, you may be entitled to tax relief on qualifying capital expenditure, most commonly plant, machinery, fixtures and fittings.

AMC work in partnership with a chartered accountancy and tax specialist practice, which ensures our clients get the benefit of expertise from both a chartered building surveyor who understand construction, the integral elements which make up a building and its operation, as well as specialist tax input from an experienced chartered accountant. This approach ensures a fully comprehensive assessment of the tax relief claim which can be made and enables our clients to get the most out of any potential tax savings. 

Using our expertise, we can provide advice, design and specification input to your project, and help assist in unlocking opportunities for improved performance of your building, improved tax relief claims and even Enhanced Capital Allowances to be claimed, which offers 100% relief on qualifying green assets.


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