Cost Consultancy

Here at AMC, we understand the importance and the impact that cost can have on a project both at conception, through the construction phase as well as post completion. Our team of solution focussed professionals provide cost consultancy services to a large number of clients across multiple sectors. Their approach ensures that goals are understood, budgets are fully considered, and that quality or performance is not sacrificed to achieve these goals.

Where projects proceed, we work with our clients to ensure that all financial commitments are outlined with clearly defined payment terms agreed between all parties in advance. During the construction phase our hands-on approach ensures that costs are monitored and reviewed when payments are requested and before any payments are made. Following completion of the project our involvement doesn’t stop there, we also provide post contract cost control services which ensures that that costs associated with snagging items, retention and other are monitored and managed.


This approach ensures that our clients not only achieve their financial goals, but also achieve long-term value.


Sectors AMC Property provide these services to:​