Reinstatement Cost Assessment of the Sikh Guru Nanak Gurdwara Temple, Kent for insurance purposes

Approximate internal floor area of 7,565m2, the complex was calculated to have a Gross Floor Area of 11,049m2.

The temple, which opened in November 2010, is the largest Gurdwara in Europe and has a capacity of approximately 10,000


We were appointed by the Client to inspect the temple and associated buildings to review and calculate the declared value for rebuilding the premises. The inspection involved inspecting all accessible rooms to identify the special features and calculate the Gross Internal Floor Area.



The inspection was undertaken by two of our surveyors, they worked together to be able to prepare and issue the Reinstatement cost assessment report within 2 days from inspecting.

During the inspection we were invited to enjoy food with the Client in one of the temples Langar food halls.

Using our experience and knowledge of insurers and insurance brokers requirements, we were able to provide our client with both guidance as well as carefully calculated figures from our assessment, which enabled our client to obtain competitive quotations with the reassurance that from our assessment, their building would be adequately insured going forward.

Services provided:

  • Advice
  • Inspection
  • Reinstatement Cost Assessment