Commercial office accommodation in Leamington Spa

1,500 sq. ft.

Insurance Inspection & Remedial Works

Project works value: Circa £30,000 +VAT


Inspect, report and undertake necessary remedial works following sudden and progressive cracking



Following reports of sudden progressive cracking to a large metal frame spray applied plaster ceiling, AMC were instructed to inspect and assess the cause of the sudden cracking as well what risk it posed to the occupiers of the building.

Our inspection established a number of failures which led to a sudden failure of the structural integrity of the heavy-duty ceiling structure, posing a risk of collapse.

AMC arranged for emergency supports to be installed as a temporary measure, prepared a detailed report for the loss adjuster to review and assess.

Following this AMC were instructed to provide contract administration services and safely remove the ceiling and replace with a much lighter weight and more flexible suspended ceiling and lighting installation.

Due to the location of the issue and the occupier having several hundred members of staff in occupation who had to pass through this area, out of hours work and careful management with daily cleans were implemented which ensured staff members could safely access the work area whilst new and improved ceiling was installed, which prevented disruption to the clients business and operation to the clients satisfaction.