Industrial unit with commercial office accommodation in Barking

Circa 17,800 sq. ft.

Dilapidation’s Liability Assessment


Review existing lease documentation, inspect and assess the potential tenant dilapidation’s liability our client has at the premises.



Understanding the importance of good financial planning and being proactive, AMC were appointed on behalf of our client (tenant) to review existing lease agreement documentation, inspect and assess the potential dilapidation’s liability that they hold at the property.

Our assessment considered all aspects of the property internally and externally, as well as services and other related obligations which can get overlooked by tenants, such as electrical, gas, and fire prevention system compliance.

From this assessment, we were then able to provide our client with a comprehensive breakdown, recommendations to help limit long term liability as well as exit strategy options.

This assisted our client in better understanding their position and determine which works they were able to undertake themselves and plan their future exit strategy.