Industrial unit with ancillary office accommodation in Birmingham

Circa 9,000 sq. ft.

Schedule of Condition


To prepare a schedule of condition to appended to our clients proposed lease agreement to record the condition of the premises at occupation.



AMC were appointed to inspect and prepare a photographic schedule of condition, including detailed text references, to record the condition of the building at commencement of the lease.

To ensure we understood the extent of the tenants proposed obligations, we undertook a detailed review of the lease agreement. Following this, we inspected both the internal and external elements of the building, including the roof, which was inspected from cherry picker as also arranged for by AMC.

Despite the nature of the survey and the associated time constraints pre-lease, following instruction, we were able to inspect site within 5 days and prepare our schedule within 3 days post inspection, including preparation of a works estimated budget cost assessment of key elements which were likely incur significant costs, enabling our client to schedule works and budget before taking occupation.