Industrial Unit Located in Coventry

Circa 14,024 sq. ft.

Dilapidation’s Negotiation


Review the formal schedule of dilapidation’s claim made against our client by the Landlord, inspect and negotiate to settlement.



AMC were appointed on behalf of our client (tenant) to inspect and review a schedule of dilapidation’s claim made against them by the Landlord. Our client were exercising their break option and so it was imperative that compliance with the lease was achieved.

Isolated works were undertaken by our client before vacating the property. AMC were able to negotiate and agree in advance of this which works would be permitted and what was expected at handover without jeopardising our client’s position.

Post return of the property, the Landlords surveyor tendered the works in which AMC were able to negotiate the works, then monitor and review the works at practical Completion stage. This ensured we had a full understanding of which works were tendered and had actually been undertaken as well as any other areas where costs had been incurred. From this we were then able to agree and settle the dilapidations liability at a reduced sum for our client.