Erection of a significant multi-storey retail and residential building adjoining a large commercial office building with below ground parking in Milton Keynes




To act as Adjoining Owners surveyor to review notices served, proposals and represent the interests of the adjoining owner in accordance with the Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 throughout the process.



Following concerns by the Adjoining Owner over proposals served with party wall notices to them, AMC was appointed to act on behalf of the Adjoining Owner to review the notices and associated proposals then respond in accordance with the Act.

AMC adopted and maintained close liaison with the Building Owners surveyor and were able to ensure all proposals were clearly outlined and compliant in accordance with Act. A photographic schedule of condition survey was then undertaken and a comprehensive schedule prepared, which provided a photographic record of the condition of the Adjoining Owners building pre-construction, which ensured that if any damage was caused during the work a record of the pre-commencement condition could be used to demonstrate this damage and assist in preventing a dispute.

A Party Wall Award appending the schedule of condition was then formalised which then enabled the party wall works to commence.

Isolated damage was unfortunately caused to the Adjoining Owners building during extensive ground-breaking works by the Building Owners contractor. In response to this, AMC were then able to get remedial works undertaken at a cost to the Building Owner.

Following completion of the party wall related works, a sign off inspection was then conducted which provided the Adjoining Owner with the reassurance that no further damage had been caused and that the Building Owner had undertaken all proposals in accordance with the Party Wall Etc. Act.