Dilapidations Remedial Works & MEES Improvement Works in Leamington Spa

Circa 15,000 sq. ft.

Project works value: Circa £200,000


Inspection & preparation of schedule of dilapidations, undertake dilapidation’s remedial works, dilapidations Negotiation to settlement and undertake photovoltaic and electric vehicle improvement works



AMC were appointed initially to undertake a schedule of dilapidation’s survey on behalf of the Landlord where multiple tenant breaches were identified to the value of approximately £130,000.00
Following careful negotiations AMC were able to settle this claim with the former tenant for approximately £125,000.00.
Under a contract administration instruction, AMC were then able to undertake all remedial works ensuring the property was returned to our client in a condition commensurate with the obligations of the lease ready for re-letting.
AMC were then also appointed to review the existing EPC rating and potential opportunities to improve facilities, the buildings EPC rating and look to reduce the associated carbon footprint. Working closely with several sub-consultants, a purpose suitable photovoltaic system and electric car charger facilities were designed and installed.
To our clients satisfaction, the outcome of included improvement of the EPC rating from an E to a C, electric car charging facilities for future occupiers, as well as sustainable electricity generation via solar polar to the building.

Services provided:

• Dilapidations services
• Inspection
• Design & Specification
• Contract administration
• Project Management
• Principle Designer
• Consultancy